To Be Or Not To Be

Browse some very different takes on Hamlet’s famous speech—from actors like David Tennant and Graham Hamilton to a production in American Sign Language.

Video credits: David Tennant, Royal Shakespeare Company, directed by Gregory Doran, 2009, © BBC Universal/Getty Images; Graham Hamilton, Folger Theatre, directed by Joe Haj, 2010, Folger Shakespeare Library; Colin Analco, Gallaudet University Theatre, directed by Ethan Sinnott, 2012, Gallaudet University.

Tap the images above for a look at Hamlet’s many moods—from thoughts of death, to gifted swordplay, to tense scenes with his family and former love. For many, his reaction to the skull of a former jester is the iconic scene.

Hamlet is so world famous that the Danish prince has become a pop culture perennial, from his dark clothes to his famous “to be or not to be” speech. Tap the images above to see Hamlet in comic books, classic TV shows, at the movies, and more.

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